Backhaus Projections
A Grove Collective and Backhaus Projects Film Festival
23/10/22 - 30/10/22
Backhaus Projects
Berlin, DE

The inaugural Backhaus Projections is, more than anything, a tribute to our love of film and the ways that cinema both informs us and shapes the ways in which we see the world. By inviting a selection of artists that Grove Collective and Backhaus Projects work with to select a film of their choice, we wanted to explore the films that our community finds valuable, inspiring, and heartwarming. Some of these are silly (Airplane!), some of these are serious (Daughters of the Dust) and some are simply feats of aesthetic excellence (La Piscine). So come and celebrate these wonderful films with us, and remind yourself of how powerful films can be.

Throughout the course of the build up, we’ll be exploring why certain artists have made their individual selections, but we encourage you to bring an open mind to each screening: much as these films have influenced these artists, they may influence you too in its own unique way.

2022 Partcipating Artists:
Bhasha Chakrabarti
Darin Cooper
Colm Mac Athlaoich
Ernesto Renda
Matt Smoak
Tom White
C. Lucy R. Whitehead
Film Lineup:
The Price of Everything
Fire of Love
Daughters of the Dust
The Chess Players
La Piscine
Bad Education
Fear Eats the Soul
Bergman Island