A Group Exhibition featuring Joe Bloom, Emanuel De Carvalho, Billie Clarken,
Martina Grlic, SH Kim, Nils Köpfer, Sofia Nifora, Harley Roberts, and Manuel Stehli
09/12/22 - 19/01/23
Backhaus Projects
Berlin, DE

Opening: Friday, December 9th, 6-9 pm
Exhibition: 10/12/22-1
Weserstr. 168, 12045 Berlin, Germany

Grove Collective is pleased to present the upcoming exhibition CRUSH, a group exhibition featuring artists Joe Bloom, Emanuel de Carvalho, Billie Clarken, Martina Grlic, SH Kim, Nils Köpfer, Sofia Nifora, Harley Roberts, and Manuel Stehli, on view at the gallery’s Berlin sister space, Backhaus Projects, from December 9th, 2022 to January 19th, 2023. This marks the first show curated by the gallery’s Berlin director, Hannah Weidner.

As the gallery announces their European work in earnest, working with Weidner to establish a stronger presence in Germany’s capital city, CRUSH brings a moment of frivolity. Opening up to a new cadre of continental artists, while bringing new British-based artists to the fore, this group show explores the notion of a “crush” in informal terms: artists whose work we en-joy, with an opportunity to get to know them and their practices better. In this sense, the gallery invites experimentation and daring from artists; the show functions as an opportunity to mark the beginning of a new chapter for all involved. Much as the gallery is getting to know new artists, so too are artists getting to know the gallery.

Viewed otherwise, however, CRUSH signals the active phase of forming a coherent concen-trate; wine, for example, is produced by crushing grapes and collecting the resultant liquid. In this sense, as Grove Collective embarks upon full-time operations in Berlin, it becomes the obligation of the gallery to form a coherent program and identity through its artists. As such, this exhibition is the beginning of that process; amalgamating artists through which the gallery will form its continental future.

Running for three weeks at the gallery’s current sister space Backhaus Projects, co-directors Jacob Barnes, Morgane Wagner, and Hannah Weidner believe this to be the beginning of a new chapter for Grove Collective in Berlin: the beginning of a serious engagement with the city and its artists, bringing its most exciting artists to the world, and vice versa.

Installation Images