Elmer Guevara

Elmer Guevara (b.1990) was born and raised in Los Angeles and is currently working bicoastally in New York City. In the 1980s, his parents fled a war-torn El Salvador finding refuge in the City of Angels. Along with South Central’s vibrant energy and the culture his parents brought with them, he became inspired to reflect on his upbringing and the hybridity of cultures. He often constructs narratives by sampling family photos from his youth, reframing compositions that form dialogue about identity and concepts of inter-generational trauma.   

      Furthermore, he depicts observations from his own and neighboring immigrant families, who dealt with issues of marginalization. Through his teenage years he met with friends, commuting throughout the city on public transit becoming obsessed with exploring the city’s crevices favoring the late nights to paint on walls and highways. This obsession later opened an appreciation for painting and an education in the arts. In 2017, he received a BFA in Drawing and Painting from Cal State University Long Beach and has recently completed his MFA at Hunter College in New York City.    



  1. Part of the Scenery (Group)
  2. 24/11/22 - 21/01/23


  1. A Very Anxious Feeling (Group), 2021, Taubman Museum of Art, Roanoke, VA, US

  2.  LA to Milan (Group), 2021, F2T Gallery,
    Milan, IT

  3. Mi Orgullo (Solo), 2021, Residency Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, US