Ernesto Renda: Selections from the Altar Series
A Solo Presentation by Ernesto Renda
14/10/22 - 13/11/22
East London


Grove Collective is pleased to present a selection of works from Ernesto Renda’s Altar series, along with a collaborative text between the artist and gallery director Jacob Barnes, at the gallery’s new project space, Grove East, from October 14th to November 13th, 2022. This marks Renda’s second exhibition with the gallery.

Grove East was founded as a means of creating space in order to reflect on, explore, and challenge artists’ work through collaborative presentations and texts. Bringing together the gallery’s work on publication Curatorial Affairs, the project space brings the natural extension of this endeavour, applying it directly to the gallery’s program.

Having spent significant time with Renda in both London and New York, the Brooklyn-based artist is the perfect practitioner to inaugurate the space with. Applying a vigorous and intellectual lens to his painterly process, Renda references a variety of media and cultural legacies in his work, leaving much to discuss.