Sofía Clausse (b. 1989, Argentina) is a multi-disciplinary artist based in London. She has a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, and is currently doing a postgraduate at the Royal Academy Schools. Her practice looks into ideas of repetition, time, and translation, by using painting, paper, text, custom tools and systems.

Using the line as a scalable unit, her works explore a fluid interchange between text/textile and spell/spelling. Clausse’s visual lexicon is a code collapsing the distinction between semantics and semiotics – signs and meanings endlessly contained within each other. Whether made of text, paper, paint, or clay, her lines are to be seen and read, even when abstracted, spiralling, overlaid, or concealed.

A textile logic and a conscious economy of material guides her thinking, by which elements interweave across all of her practice, and what was discovered or what remains in one piece informs and transforms into the next.

Clausse follows the labyrinthic path of her practice, which grows in spirals, following itself and connecting its ends left loose. The line loops, knots, and entangles with other lines in other knots, creating a mesh where playing becomes thinking becomes making.



  1. Between the Lines (Group)
    23/09/21 - 09/10/21


  1. Eve Presents #2 (Group), 2022, Eve Leibe Gallery, London, UK 

  2. Along the Lines (Solo), 2021, Kupfer, London, UK