Our viewing rooms are temporally-bound digital spaces where we explore particular themes or an artists work using text, images, and other digital-first content. Once viewing rooms expire, they are no longer available for view; however, content remains available by request.

If a viewing room is associated with a particular in-person exhibition, it will remain available through a link on that exhibition’s page.



Selections from the Altar Series
A Collaborative Text by Ernesto Renda and Jacob Barnes
14/10/22 - 13/11/22
Artist Spotlight: Dylan Rose Rheingold
New Works with an Original Text by Jacob Barnes
29/07/22 - 28/08/22
Into the Fire
A Group Ceramics and Textile Exhibition
13/01/22 - 05/03/22

Dream On
London-based Emerging Artists Explore the Liminal Space between Fantasy and Reality
08/11/21 - 08/12/21
Alone, Together
A Solo Exhibition by Erin Armstrong
16/09/21 - 12/10/21

A Small Dent in the Air
A Duo Show featuring Lucie Gray and Shailee Mehta
23/04/21 - 30/04/21

Fragmented Intimacy
A Duo Show featuring Amy Beager and C. Lucy R. Whitehead
04/03/21 - 12/03/21

A Future Cast in Our Image
The Inaugural Grove Collective Exhibition
04/02/21 - 15/02/21